Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fresh Kool Karlo Mix for you


Kool Karlo, resident DJ for numerous parties in the city including Hella Mode, F is for Friday, 80's rhythm of the night not to mention his weekly residences at bars such as HiFi and Mr. Smith's has been hard at work blowing up the scene and redeeming us with good music. Here is his latest mix just for you.

http://www. zshare. net/audio/10548694764b908b/

And a few words from Karlo...

Not ever sure who reads these thing but if you know me even a little bit then its no surprise that I ramble about music all the time. Its about the only thing that keeps me sane in the Succa Free City. It also gets me in trouble too ie: spending the majority of my life in clubs, getting smashed, staying up way too late on school nights (i don't actually go to school or have a job) and eating Junk food after getting smashed. Aside from all the club antics and drunken late night skateboard missions, I have been creating some music. I know I've been doing lots of cheese remixes lately but its been a necessity for the weekend club gigs. I figure if I'm gonna be hassled while DJ'n by poorly dressed sorority girls and drunken Indian investment bankers (dot not feather) I might as well be dropping my own remixes. At the same time I still try to produce as much original music as possible. As some of you know I spin several types of music including: breakbeats, the breaks, REAL electro, house, techno, tech house, minimal tech, hiphop, top 40, funk and soul, booty bass, bmore, baymore, rock, hipsterdancemusic, nu rave whatever the fuck that is, downbeat, and still scratch almost every time I'm on the decks. It's been a challenge mastering all these different genres of music but after 11 years of DJ'n/ producing and a lifetime of listing I feel like I'm finally making some progress. I've got my own little halfass studio and i couldn't be happier. Heres my gift to you all for supporting my ass and coming to my shows. Just cooked it up today.

I'm gonna blog this to so feel free to say hi.

Tracks called
"Let me beat this level"
You can check it out on my page or download it for free!

URL=]let me beat this level rendered.mp3 www.myspace.comdjkarlo - 9.86MB[/URL]

Thank you all for the support and that includes the sorority girls and Indian investment bankers.

Keep it Fresh

Kool Karlo

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